Ravensburger World Globe 3D Puzzleball 540 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle



Ravensburger World Globe 3D Puzzleball 540 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle.

Perfection in the round! puzzleball® is revolutionising 3D puzzles. The strong curve shaped plastic pieces fit together perfectly to form a spherical shaped puzzle. These puzzles can be completed in the usual way by looking at the picture or, as each piece is numbered on the back, you can also follow the numbers for those more challenging areas! puzzleballs® can also be taken apart and completed again and again. This 540pc puzzleball® provides an extra challenge for experienced 3D puzzlers and is suitable for teenagers and adults.

Look for more Adult puzzleballs from our Maps & Charts Collection.

Finished Puzzle Size: 22 cm

Diameter Box Size: 27 x 27 x 8 cm   


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