A key service we provide at Get Puzzled is the ability to pre-order items before they’re available for sale on the store shelves.

We allow our customers to pre order their products so that they have peace of mind that their products will reach them on their anticipated release date and so that they are able to reserve their purchase on limited stock items.

Please review all conditions of sale below before proceeding with placing a pre-order.

  • If your order contains both in stock items as well as pre-order items, we will ship in stock items.
  • Items marked as available for pre-order will be shipped as soon as stock arrives unless there is a pre-defined release date set by the publisher that we must adhere to.

In that instance your items will be shipped to arrive on the release date of the product at the earliest.

If multiple products are pre ordered with different release dates your order will be shipped to according to the release dates of the products in your order and will be subject to all normal shipping terms and condition.

  • Pre-orders can be made on products that the customer selects to pick up locally from our office in Redbank Plains rather than shipping directly. In this instance we will notify the customer when their pre order products are ready for collection.

Please note the release date provided is just an estimate, it can occasionally be further delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as shipping delays and supplier shortages. 

Please note that stock of pre orders can rarely be impacted due to unforeseen circumstances such as shipping delays and supplier shortages. If an order is ever impacted by a shortage of stock Get Puzzled will inform the customer and provide a full refund or the option to hold the pre order until additional stock is delivered.

Should you be interested in purchasing a product through us that we do not currently have in stock, please contact us directly using the contact form and we will do our very best to source it for you. (Some of our best sellers started off as customer requests!)

For more information about pre ordering a product with Get Puzzled please contact our customer service team.