Aquarius Elf Buddy & Collage Double Sided Puzzle 600 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle



Aquarius Elf Buddy & Collage Double Sided Puzzle 600  Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.

Aquarius Puzzles is a producer and distributor of high-quality puzzles that feature some of the iconic figures and favourites. 


  • It contains 600 pieces of puzzles
  • Double sided puzzle
  • Completed puzzle approximately measures 33 × 75.6 cm
  • Product Dimensions approximately: 20.32 x 6.35 × 20.32 cm
  • For ages 14 years old onwards

Puzzling is more than just fun but enhances logical thinking, problem-solving skills, memory, focus and confidence. Plus it a perfect avenue to have fun and be entertained.

This item comes with a 12 months warranty


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