Jenny Saunders - Post Office Hotel 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle



Jenny Saunders Post Office Hotel 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.

Artist: Jenny Sanders

Jenny Sanders is an outgoing artist with a breath of fresh air based in the Blue Mountains near Sydney NSW.  Jenny was born in the mountains and has lived in the Penrith and Hawkesbury areas most of her life.  Her first solo exhibition was at the Aquatic Club in Sydney and she went on to exhibit in various Sydney Galleries for many years, producing many portraits in oils and water colours of the Sydney scene.

Jenny’s love affair with the Holden car goes back to her first car as a teenage which was a two-toned FB Sedan purchased by her dad for her 18th birthday.  Next was an EH Station wagon with which she used to tow her horse around, then a white Kingswood which would never say die, and went around Australia twice for someone else after Jenny thought it was due for retirement.

Jenny has been an artist all her life but only began painting cars in 2005 after attending an automotive display day in NSW.  The cars Jenny paints belong to people that she has met in various car clubs and during her travels around country shows

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