Ravensburger 10 Classic Disney Memorable Moments Puzzle 40320 Piece Puzzle

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Ravensburger 10 Classic Disney Memorable Moments Puzzle 40320 Piece Puzzle.

The new Guinness Book of Records* world record-breaker 40,320 pieces!

The new biggest puzzle in the world manufactured in a production series measures 6.8 metres long by 1.9 metres tall, which is over 13 square metres! It is made up of exactly 40,320 pieces and shows the ten most popular Disney films of all time in individual but fully linked puzzle panels of 4,032 pieces each. Each panel comes individually bagged.
The custom painted puzzle-friendly panel designs bring the heroes of our childhood back to life and allow adults of almost any age to revel in happy reminiscences. The film scenes, which were hand-drawn exclusively for the puzzle, look both nostalgic and modern. The rolls of film framing the scenes link the images to form a unity and also offer a very special highlight: the film strips are packed with innumerable tiny scenes inviting discovery and putting smiles on puzzle players’ faces. The movies featured in the puzzle and their year of release are:
• Snow White 1937
• Fantasia 1940
• Dumbo 1941
• Bambi 1942
• Cinderella 1950
• Peter Pan 1953
• The Jungle Book 1967
• The Little Mermaid 1989
• Beauty & the Beast 1991
• The Lion King 1994
At 40,320 pieces it is Ravensburger's newest and our largest jigsaw puzzle ever. Since 1891 we have been making the world's finest puzzles in Ravensburg, Germany. Our attention to detail makes Ravensburger the world's greatest puzzle brand. We use an exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard which is fully recyclable and combine this with our fine, linen-structured paper to create a glare-free puzzle image for a quality you can feel. Our steel cutting tools are designed and crafted by hand to ensure that no two pieces are alike and a perfect interlocking fit is guaranteed.
* refer to the Guinness World records website for more information
Finished Puzzle Size: 680 x 192 cm
Box Size: 40.1 x 25.4 cm x 90.2 cm
Box Weight: 19.5 kg
Ages & Suitability: Adults, Clubs, Community Groups

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